5 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Surcharges on Your Merchant Services

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Is merchant processing eating a whole in your company’s profits? You’re not alone. More than ever before, business owners are getting fed up with having to pay hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars per week in merchant processing surcharges.

For the longest time, it seemed like there was no way around it. If you didn’t accept the fees, then you wouldn’t be able to allow your clients to pay via card. This would upset your customers, who would then start looking elsewhere for their goods and services. If you do accept the charges, your profit margins sink.

Thanks to a new update in legislation, business owners can pass those charges directly onto the customer. This gives them the freedom to pay the way they want, without pushing extra fees onto your business. Not sure if this new tech is for you? If you see these signs ,it’s time to call us at Merchant Surgecharge today.

  1. Fees are making it hard to make ends meet, and you want to maximize your profits. Are you worried about being in the red because you can’t afford to accept credit cards? If so, PassThrough technology can help you out and save your business. Many new entrepreneurs credit PassThrough with allowing them to succeed thanks to the savings they got.
  2. You want to get a clearer picture of your profits. No fees means that pricing your products becomes easier, since you don’t have to take out the potential cost of credit card fees when calculating your profits. Needless to say, a lot of our clients find it easier to profit this way.
  3. You want to make sure that you can accept cards, even though most of your clients really don’t use them. PassThrough makes accepting cards for a minority of customers easy to do and affordable. This way, you give your clients a better route to pay while also keeping the cost of this minor amenity as low as possible.
  4. Surcharges are your pet peeve. Do you hate having to shell out all that money every time someone uses their card? Does it irk you knowing that your products cost two different ways depending on how someone pays? PassThrough might be right for your company if this is the case.
  5. You can’t afford credit cards or merchant services otherwise. Worrying about profiting can be rough, but when you’re already struggling to the point that merchant services are clearly unaffordable under the normal route, then you really do need PassThrough technology. Considering that profits rise significantly when accepting credit cards becomes company policy, it’s crucial to get merchant services right now.

Whether you’re a new business or a company that’s headed into seasonal trouble, Merchant Surcharge will have a solution that will help you save money, keep customers happy, and get the merchants services you need. If you need to make sure that your company has the services it truly needs, give us a call today.