5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using PassThrough

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PassThrough technology is one of the best innovations to happen to merchant services in a long, long time. This unique tech allows companies that would otherwise be unable to afford the fees to accept credit cards to pass the fees onto their customers directly. Most companies balk at the idea of using PassThrough because it’s such a new concept—not to mention the worry that customers will notice the fees.

Though the concept may seem like a risky choice, there are plenty of reasons why companies should consider using it. Merchant Surcharge wants to remind you that these reasons should be taken into consideration when determining if PassThrough is right for you:

PassThrough allows you to offer payment options that you otherwise might not be able to afford. Customers don’t like having to run to the nearest ATM in order to purchase goods and services. Getting merchant services is a must if you want to grow your business. This puts otherwise unaffordable necessities into your hands—and trust us, customers will appreciate it.

It can make profit calculations easier. Hard time figuring out how much you need to set aside for operations work? Calculating profit margins when you have PassThrough is easy, because you don’t have to worry about dealing with all the fee-related calculations. Your customers pay that for you.

Getting PassThrough increases the number of customers you have. Studies show that companies that offer credit card and debit card acceptance have around 10% to 20% more customers than companies that don’t. By allowing PassThrough, you get merchant services that keep people happy.

PassThrough also has the perk of boosting profits. More customers means that your company will also have more purchases. Incidentally, studies show that people spend more when they use cards than when they use cash. Additionally, no merchant surcharge fees means that the profit you get, you keep in its entirety.

You can switch to a business-paid fee account if you need to after you make enough to do so. The best thing about PassThrough is how well it works as a stepping stone for companies that are okay with paying fees to keep customers as happy as can be. If you can’t afford that now, using PassThrough will help you make enough money later. You have absolutely nothing to lose from giving PassThrough a try, so why not?

At Merchant Surcharge, we offer PassThrough that helps you lower your operating costs and do what you want to do. Give us a call today, and we can help you get a merchant service account by tomorrow.