5 Things Everyone Should Know About Passing Merchant Surcharges onto Clients

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Though we at Merchant Surcharge are really happy to see so many companies curious about PassThrough technology, we’ll be the first to say that it’s a tech type that you need to be fully educated about it before you make a decision on it. After all, it’s not your typical merchant services contract and there are both perks and pitfalls to it as a result. 

If you’re curious about PassThrough or are wondering what it could mean for your company, consider the following five facts below:

  1. It’s often a stepping stone to traditional merchant services. A lot of company owners honestly want to pass their charges onto their clients unless they can’t afford services otherwise. In these situations, company owners will often use PassThrough until they make enough profit to take the charges upon themselves—and that’s okay!
  2. For many people, it allows them to accept credit cards when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Accepting credit cards and other forms of plastic is mandatory in today’s business world. Not accepting this kind of payment can and will put your company in jeopardy. If you need to accept plastic but can’t afford lower profit margins, this is your best option.
  3. Your profits will improve. PassThrough lowers costs, and often will offer a boost in the amount that people buy. As a result, most people who use PassThrough will end up enjoying better profits soon after.
  4. You’ll get a nice variety of different terminals to choose from. At Merchant Surcharge, we realize that getting the right terminal for your credit card processing isn’t a “one size fits all” type of deal. That’s why we make sure to give you options as far as which terminal you want to use.
  5. Sadly, not all states will allow PassThrough. Due to differences in state legislature, not all states will allow business owners to pass their surcharges onto their customers. According to government officials in these states, this is done to “protect business customers,” but in reality, it does nothing but hurt them. Sadly, there’s not much that we can do until laws change.

If you aren’t sure whether PassThrough is allowed in your state, or if you want to hear more about this business-saving technology, give us a call. At Merchant Surcharge, we want to help your company succeed with top-of-the-line tech