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Can Businesses Add A Credit Card Surcharge To Transactions?

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There’s a lot of things that most people do not realize about the way credit cards work – which can be surprising, considering how popular plastic is in the commerce world. Most people who aren’t business owners do not realize that credit card companies charge fees in order for people to use their cards at places of business. The reason that people don’t know about the...

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More merchants adding credit card surcharges

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After major card networks started allowing surcharges of up to 4 percent in 2013 as part of a legal settlement, big retail chains said they wouldn't annoy customers by imposing the fee - and they haven't.  But some small businesses are slapping surcharges on credit cards - even in states that prohibit such charges, state complaint records show. "It's generally a small merchant -...

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Pros and Cons of Surcharging Credit Cards

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For businesses that accept credit cards, fees to process them are a constant headache. Confusing pricing models, changing regulations and new technology often mean expenses that eat into your bottom line. To help defray these costs, more businesses are turning to surcharging, or adding the cost of processing to customers’ purchases. It’s legal, and it’s picking up steam in...

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